Episode 44: Vivek Jacob on the NBA Finals by Philip Drost

The Toronto Raptors have made history, and advanced to the NBA finals. But they aren’t done there. Vivek Jacob of Yahoo Sports says the Raptors have a chance to win, and it could become an all-time great series. Vivek Jacob comes on the podcast to talk about what Toronto was like after the big win, what the finals might look like, and how Kawhi Leonard will be remembered in Toronto.

Episode 42: Brandon Clarke - The Draft Journey Begins by Philip Drost

In Kindergarten Brandon Clarke told his class he was going to the NBA. Over the next month, he has a chance to make that happen. Clarke will be checking in with Canada's Court throughout the draft process. Here's the first part of his story, where he talks about preparing for the month-long process.

Episode 41: Joyce Slipp by Philip Drost

Canada Basketball hall of famer Joyce Slipp comes on the podcast to talk about the evolution on the game, playing when there was six players on the court, and being the first women’s team to go to the Olympics. All this and more on Episode 41 of Canada’s Court.

Episode 40: Haley McDonald on Usports Final 8 by Philip Drost

Haley McDonald stole the show at the Atlantic University Sport playoffs. She scored an AUS record of 51 points to help the Acadia Axewomen go to the finals, where they beat the Memorial Seahawks to capture their second straight AUS championship. Haley McDonald comes on the podcast to talk about the record setting game, and getting ready for the Usports Final 8.

Episode 39: Steven Marcus on working in the NBL by Philip Drost

Steven Marcus and the St. John’s Edge are going for an NBL championship this season, and they’ve got some big help to get there. Associate Head Coach Steven Marcus and the Edge signed Glen Davis this season, and the city of St. John’s had really embraced Davis, and the team. Steven Marcus talks about his coaching career so far, and what it’s like working in the NBL.

Episode 38: Jay Triano by Philip Drost

Coach Jay Triano has no shortage of stories when it comes to Canadian basketball. In his new book Open Look, Triano tells stories like how he became friends with Terry Fox, his passion for sports, helping make early NBA video games, and so much more. On episode 38 of the podcast, Coach Triano talks about his book and some of his story. You can be entered to win a copy of the book by sharing the tweet and Facebook post containing the link to this episode.

Episode 37: Khem Birch on his journey to the NBA by Philip Drost

Khem Birch has learned a lot of patience in his journey to the NBA. Khem Birch declared for the NBA draft in 2014, but went undrafted. But he didn’t give up. After playing in the G-League, and having fire crackers thrown at him while playing in Europe, Khem Birch finally got a shot in the NBA, and he made the most of it. Now he has a contract with the Orlando Magic. Hear his story here.

Episode 36: Tamara Tatham joins Raptors 905 coaching staff by Philip Drost

Tamara Tatham made history in August, when it was announced that she would join the G-League Raptors 905 coaching staff. She will be the first Canadian woman to have a coaching gig in a major North American pro men’s league. Tamara Tatham took a few minutes to chat with host Philip Drost about what that means to her, and what she is hoping to learn during the season.

Episode 35: Matt Devlin on DeMar/Kawhi trade by Philip Drost

Time to break down the blockbuster deal between the Toronto Raptors and the San Antonio Spurs. The Raptors sent their franchise star, DeMar DeRozan, to a new home, for disgrunteled Spurs star Kawhi Leonard. But has the trade hurt the Raptors reputation? What can we expect from Kawhi? And what will be the lasting legacy of DeRozan? Raptors play-by-play announcer Matt Devlin comes on the podcast to talk about the big trade.

Episode 34: David Tyndale by Philip Drost

David Tyndale always imagined being on the court with the best in the game, but it hasn't been in the way he expected. Tyndale is a personal trainer for some NBA players, university players, and will basically work out with the nearest basketball player. He currently works with Canadian and now Portland Trailblazer Nik Stauskas, as well as players at Temple University.

Episode 31: Eric Smith on Raptors vs Cavs by Philip Drost

If Eric Smith of Sportsnet was betting on the Raptors vs. Cavs series with host Philip Drost's money, he would put it on the Toronto Raptors. But if Smith had to bet with his own cash, well it's hard to bet against LeBron James. Listen as Eric Smith breaks down the matchup.

Episode 30: Usports Champions by Philip Drost

March Madness may be just underway in the United States, but in Canada, the Madness has already wrapped up. The Calgary Dinos won the men's university national championship, and on the women's side, the Carleton Ravens came away with the win.

In this episode, hear Dinos' guard David Kapinga talk about his amazing journey from the Congo, to being blocked from playing D1 basketball, and then having to be a walk-on to play for the Dinos. 

Also hear from Ravens' Elizabeth Leblanc on Carleton's undefeated season, and winning the school's first women's basketball championship, after having to settle for a bronze in 2017. 

Episode 29: Cory Joseph by Philip Drost

In episode 29 of Canada's Court, Cory Joseph of the Indiana Pacers joins the podcast. Joseph has spent the more time than any other Canadian playing for the Toronto Raptors and continues to be very committed to the national team. Hear Cory talk about his time in Toronto, being drafted by the Spurs, and getting his car souped-up by Tim Duncan.